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Project Description
The Remote Filepicker is a .NET user-control which enables users of your application to browse the filesystem of a remote computer.
This functionality is commonly required by client-server applications where the client-side has to display the server's filesystem.

The user interface is similar to what people are used to from the Microsoft Windows dialogs which pop up whenever a user saves or opens a file. The standard windows dialogs are limited to the local computer. The Remote Filepicker overcomes exactly that limitation.

This user control allows developers to easily embed client-server file-picking functionality into your own application:

=> Displays a server's files and folders on a client
=> Three modes of operation:
-> OpenFile: Browse the server's filesystem and select a file
-> OpenFolder: Browse the server's folders and select one
-> SaveFile: Navigate to a folder on the server and type in a filename
=> Multi-Language user interface: English and German currently available. Additional translations on request.
=> Security: The view of the remote server can be limited to a certain directory and its subdirectories, so that users cannot stumble upon confidential files on the server.
=> Filetype filter: Display only files with a given ending (e.g. only show XML files)
=> Uses the platforms native file- and folder-icons. Those are queried on the client-side, thus do not have to be transferred through the network.
=> Customizable caption: Seemless integration into your application
=> Lightweight and very easy to use
=> Compatible with every .NET application and every OS that runs .NET applications. Tested on:
-> Windows 2000
-> Windows XP
-> Windows Vista

=> Chose files and folders from anywhere on any server.
=> Embed network file chosing capabilities into your own application with close to zero effort!

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